Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Beginnings

Its an uncanny feeling reading through my past writings. It’s just as if it was just like yesterday when I started typing up my thoughts and now its more than two years since I have made an entry.
Just recently, I made acquaintance with somebody five years my junior. I had the honour of hearing out her thoughts and sharing her emotional baggage which made my own appear like feathers in the wind. Her fortitude made me look like a helpless, unsheltered orphan in the face of an impending storm. At a glance, she’s seemingly an armoured female gladiator but deep inside, she’s a child at heart.
She has the resolve to make it through whatever trials that may come: physical, emotional or mental. At times, she’s one candid person who never hesitates to speak out her mind, but her sociability often neutralizes whatever negativities her frankness begets.
She’s lucky to have found a second family to accept her as she is. She’s lucky too, to have friends she could turn to for support.
Her actions. Her decision. Her choice. The consequences. Her baggages. Her determination.
With you my friend, I deem myself blessed for affording me to see, once more, the light of a new dawn.
Thank you.



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