Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My wife often asks me why do I write my thoughts in my blog. I answered her that I am just trying to express my mind, my feelings about what's happening all around us, which one way or another, influences our daily lives.
No matter what we do, no matter how much we try to shield our family from the enroachment of external forces of society, we cannot help but yield to the idea that there are things beyond our immediate control which will affect our future and our children's future.
Such is the case of Presidential Decree No. 1017 and Executive Order 464. Tandems of control imposed on the Filipino people reminiscent of the Martial Law years under the Marcos Regime.
I was a pre-Martial Law baby. I was still in my underpants when the First Quarter Storm passed over. I woke up to the days of gas-rationing, remembering my dad stacking up gas cans for our dark-blue gas-guzzling V6 Chevrolet "Batman" sedan. Internet was virtually an unknown concept and cellphones were Star Trek gizmoes then. I remember being shushed to silence by my aunts & uncles whenever I opened my curious mouth, asking of what is the news all about on the black&white Zenith boob-tube. There was fear of being overheard by the PC or Philippine Constabulary and being brought to the "PC stockade".
Such fear is once again brought to life upon the Filipino people with the Tandems of Control. No matter how beautifully the Arroyo Administration Spokespersons explain that these are just necessary measures to maintain law & order all over the country, one cannot help the thought of "Actions speak louder than Words" crossing one's mind. The implementation of these Tandems of Control are the subject of much-heated debacle on the different news & talk programs. Loopholes and gray-areas are prevalent with these two Presidential Mandates. Different interpretations, different implementations. Ambivalent implementations. Reminiscent of the Marcos Martial Law.
When will we ever learn from history's lessons?


At 7:40 PM, Blogger Dominique said...

Ngil-ad ug nawong si Gloria. How's that for dissent?

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Abaniko said...

Obviously, she'll do everything to keep her in power. BTW, I bloghopped from Dominique's blog and saw your link under DAVAO. Incidentally, I'm also from Davao. Maayong adlaw nimo dinha! :)

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