Monday, November 14, 2005


A nation-wide transport strike to protest the implementation of the EVAT Law is on-going at the very moment I am posting this blog. Transport strikes are meant to paralyze movement within a certain locality and thus, denting the economy for a period of time.
But guess what? The Department of Education has not called off classes in all public schools; private schools have the option of declaring no-classes or not.
I can hear the school kids howling and hooting at the back of the house; classes are definitely on.
During transport strikes, public transport drivers have this nasty habit of plying their routes early in the day, justifying that they need the income to defray the day's expenses. After they have met their fill, they saunter off to somewhere else.
As the day comes to an end, this effectively strands off the numerous commuters who are already in school or in their places of work. The many emergency shuttle vehicles the Government fields to make sure that these people get home are not enough. The commuters end up cursing and swearing at these public transport drivers for making their lives miserable.
In the end, the annoyance of the commuting public are turned at these drivers. But not at the Government, who in reality, is behind all these manipulations.
The irony of it all.


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