Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Captain's Daughter

I recently talked over Y! Messenger with an old friend of mine. I shall call her "The Captain's Daughter". She comes from a fine and distinguished military lineage. I first got to know her a few years back when she was on a job-hunting trip. That was five years ago.

One might expect for her to follow tradition; but she didn't. She didn't earn her stripes nor did she pursue post-graduate studies. Instead, she followed her heart. She decided to unshackle herself from the bonds that prevented her from growing up and she went out on her own.

She's a strong one, mind you. She stood there, defying opinions and sarcasms, as one might expect from a disciplined family. She stood her ground, never flinching.

Now she's in the metropolis, ekking it out and waiting as the time draw nears to taste greener pastures in some foreign country (that's the ultimate Filipino dream, right?).

God speed to you my friend.


At 7:40 AM, Blogger Id it is said...

Here's wind to her sails!
"Fare forward" Captain's Daughter.


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