Saturday, November 12, 2005


A few hectares of farm lot with fruit-laden durian, lanzones & mango trees. An accessible clinic right smack in the middle of the city. A few kids who will be graduating from college soon. A comfortable paediatric practice, a loving husband, and a strong Christain faith. What more can she ask for?

Priorities. Thats the word for it. That's how she sum things up. That's how we measure up things.

My favorite author, Francis J. Kong, in his book "Only The Real Matters", wrote: "Your work, your career, your business, your profession will not bring you happiness and fulfillment unless you surrender your life to Jesus Christ."

Yups, its really Him who can give us the answers to the unsatiable whims and seemingly unanswerable questions we posed to ourselves. Answers which we must see from the signs that He shows to us.

I trod down that path before: I was on a two-year hiatus from family, burying my head deep into the assignment while the grand corporation benefited from the grey hairs that churned up as I enjoyed working with the thing that was my passion.

For two years, I took away from my family, the benefit of having a husband and a dad sleep beside them, for something I somewhat believed in that would improve the quality of life for them.

But that was 11 months ago. Now I am beside them once more. My passion remains the same though I function in a much different capacity. I never again would trade-in for something else, the time I will spend to watch and guide my kids grow up.

That's contentment.


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